To the Soul of Person through the Eyes….. PORTRATURE

I suppose it’s always been portraits I’ve been attracted to.  Weather it’s Marleen Dumas, with her, sometimes disturbing abstractions of the human face; or Freud with the exciting sense of emotion found in each of his stunningly detailed and controversial paintings.  Or for that matter the surprise we find in

Cuba… through the Eyes of the Artist

From the time I was a little boy, and through adolescence and then adulthood, I’ve been aware of that little Island Republic just 90 miles off the Florida coast.  In fact, as a very young boy, I was taken to Havana as the “tour” portion of a Summer Camp.  That

the BLUES & Painting

It’s hard to imagine life in the world without music, right? I mean, we associate so many things with the tunes we grew up with… go through our daily life humming…. quote from and sing slong with. And dont the tunes we connect with, so often bring back the memory

Real Life, the Movies & ART!!!

Big fan of film. That’s me. From the days watching the Saturday Morning Serials at the local theater, right up to today’s endless options found on Netflix. And certainly, the excitement of sitting in that dark theater, right in front of the BIG screen, waiting for those ads to appear,

It’s Only Me, the Artist…

I’m new at this. Blogging, that is. And at Painting too, for that matter. Several people suggested that writing a Blog in conjunction with this new website might be a good idea. So, that’s what this is. I’m a Painter, you see. And it was suggested you just might want

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