the BLUES & Painting

It’s hard to imagine life in the world without music, right? I mean, we associate so many things with the tunes we grew up with… go through our daily life humming…. quote from and sing slong with. And dont the tunes we connect with, so often bring back the memory of that special time?  Or even conjures up those things we might not find so pleasant?  I think so.  Music has sort of become the conscience of human kind, I think. Our real life Jiminy Cricket; to coin a really hokey analogy.

Well it’s the same with me. But in my case, the Blues are the ticket.  While my key memories are not always associated with the likes of Muddy Waters or Jimmy Reed….. or for that matter the Stones homage to the Blues with Exile on Main Street; or Jonny Lang belting out Lie to Me, as a 17-year-old phenom, back in 1997…. the Blues have almost always been my music.  My “go to”.

So….. why, you ask, is a painter droning on about music, anyway? I’ll tell you why. It’s because that’s what gets my juices flowing. And anybody who’s ever picked up a paint brush, certainly know, you need motivation to stand in front of that canvas, or sit at your table with several containers of water; with brushes’ and pigment poised to attack the paper. A wise person once told me to paint what moves me. Paint what you know. Paint what creates the story in your mind’s eye. So I have. Over the past year or so, I’ve done a number of paintings dealing with the Blues. And will prolly continue…….

Hope you like ‘em…..

You’ll find all these images in the Watercolor Portfolio.

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