Jim Wright

IMG_2682bWorking from Dallas, TX, I draw, paint and am the occasional street photographer.

Whether working with Watercolors, Oil, Ink or even a Camera, my goal is to capture something that first, fascinates me, and then hopefully sparks the interest of the viewer. While inspiration has come from just about everything in my experience, I must say I’ve been sustainably influenced by the great Photographers of the 20th Century. People like the great Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, Diane Arbus, Gary Winogrand, Irving Penn, etc, etc…

Whether it’s painting, a drawing, or a photograph, the focus is almost always, to explore the human condition, and in doing so, attempt to expose some sort of mood or emotion. As a contrast, on the rare occasion I dabble in non-objective work, the goal is to empty my head and let the canvas take me where it will.

It’s my hope that as you view my art, you’ll find yourself asking questions, and wanting to know more.

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